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In this changing environment, you need to ensure your team has the right skills to deliver results.  To help your team develop the required skills, The Kompetently® platform provides unprecedented insight into the health of your team’s capabilities.

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Why choose Kompetently®?

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Objectively measure competence

Kompetently® helps companies to objectively measure the competency of employees to ascertain their skills levels vs. desired state.
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Develop talent effectively & efficiently 

By using Kompetently­® to provide personalized learning pathways, based on individual needs, you will sharpen your competitive edge and speed up time to productivity.
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De-risk your restructure

During these challenging times restructuring your go to market strategy is the key to success. Time to productivity in new roles has become more important than ever before.
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Operationalize your competency model

Our clients often tell us, we have invested in a competency framework already but struggle to operationalize it in the business. That's exactly why we built the Kompetently® platform.
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What they're saying

“Kompetently has allowed us to upskill our Customer Service function rapidly aligning to our new business strategy… Without Kompetently change would have taken us years rather than months. …by using Kompetently we have been able to identify our talent gaps and plan to close them without having to hire a professional service organization…” - Leading Global Financial Services and Data provider
“Kompetently rapidly provided us with the data we needed to identify the skills gaps in our sales team that needed to be resolved to increase productivity. After filling those gaps, we realised an increased win rate of 32%, Activity up 10% and Target attainment up 8%” – FTSE 150 Software and Services company

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