Our clients express frustration at the ineffectiveness of sales improvement programs that target the wrong problems or treat every salesperson the same when their challenges and development needs are unique.

Pressure on resource means that real training needs analysis is not possible at scale. They need to be able to target current training investments to gain value from existing content.

The Kompetently® platform provides the solution to operationalize existing competency models, assessments and sales training content. However, what do you do when you do not have this content, need something bespoke to your industry or need to refresh it based on the changing business landscape?

Reasons to Change

Market Drivers

  • Average quota attainment of sales now <50%.
  • The way people are buying is outpacing sales upskilling.
  • Trend to move to just-in-time learning and performance support re-emerging.
  • L&D functions seen as ineffective, struggling to demonstrate ROI.
  • Sales Skills programs increasingly commoditized making it cheaper to ‘sheep-dip’.
  • Technology seen as overcoming deficiency in skills but realizing gains are minimal.


Business Challenge & Impact

  • Time to proficiency is slow; by the time change is implemented it is out of date or new starters take too long to become productive.
  • Misspent talent development budget; training everyone on the same thing year in and year out and expecting a different result. Waste of time and resources.

  • Lack of confidence in L&D function; annual headcount and budgetary pressure. Ultimately outsourced or replaced with new internal function.

  • Lack of focus on Skills training; People know product exceptionally well but are unable to connect how the solution connects to customer needs therefore win rates are low.

  • No line of site to capability; unable to plan for growth, no understanding of gaps by region/role/location. Static sales and unnecessary spend solving for the wrong problems.

Why Us?

Strategy to Revenue offers an optional sales function assessment and training bundle which provides insight into the health of your salesforce. Having a true understanding of how your salespeople rate against best practice and/or internal desired state on a role or function basis allows you to;

  • Make informed coverage decisions – ‘do I have the right skills sets in the right region or team’.
  • Invest your development funds where they will provide the biggest return.
  • Improve time to productivity for new skills programs, on-boarding and re-boarding activities.
  • With individualized self-paced learning solutions time is no longer wasted in ‘sheep-dipping’ training exercises, providing the most efficient time to proficiency available.
  • Kompetently® heatmap reporting allows immediate line of sight to areas of opportunity, regional or role-based gaps and can even help to identify misplaced resources who have the skills to thrive in a different role.

Strategy to Revenue’s sales function assessment and development content operationalized through the Kompetently® platform offers a unique approach to objective competency measurements and is a game changer vs. current solutions; and to top it off our clients tell us that the solution provides a previously unheard-of platform to enable coaching between sales and sales managers.

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In this changing environment, you need to ensure your team has the right skills to deliver results.  To help your team develop the required skills, The Kompetently® platform provides unprecedented insight into the health of your team’s capabilities.

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