Building Effective Competency Models


We are all familiar with defining madness as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

The medical profession describes prescription without diagnosis as malpractice. Yet in defining the criteria for what differentiates a high performer from a low one, clients come to us frustrated at how little diagnosis is taking place.

Engaging with experts to determine a competency model to define what good looks like will save you from expensive mistakes and drive performance to meet your strategic objectives.

Reasons to Change

Market Drivers

  • Role requirements are changing, activities need new knowledge and skills.
  • The way people are buying is outpacing sales upskilling.
  • Client demands are driving change in Customer Service capability to Customer Success.
  • Digitisation of Marketing leaving many marketers behind.
  • Technology seen as overcoming deficiency in skills but realising gains are minimal.
  • HR & L&D functions need to provide clear knowledge and skill definitions to train and recruit against.


Business Challenge & Impact

  • No line of site to capability; unable to plan for growth, no understanding of gaps by region/role/location. Static sales and unnecessary spend solving for the wrong problems.

  • Constant restructuring not working; frequent restructuring of teams is not working since real understanding of competency gaps is not understood.

  • Talent Acquisition costs spiralling; filling open headcount is becoming increasingly expensive and once filled, harder to retain - as skills required to be successful are not modelled on ‘your reality’, but ambiguous agency models.

  • Misspent talent development budget; training everyone on the same thing year in and year out and expecting a different result. Waste of time and resource.

  • Lack of confidence in L&D function; Lack of measurable improvements driving annual headcount and budgetary pressure. Ultimately outsourced or replaced with new internal function.

Why Us?

With more than 50 years of collective experience in competency modelling Strategy to Revenue are uniquely focused upon providing bespoke competency models created specifically for your organization. Our expertise is in creating competency models for Sales, Marketing, Operations and Customer Service & Success functions. Whilst we build in industry best practice to your competency models and assessments - unlike our competitors - there's nothing ‘out-of-the-box here’ it’s the nuance that enables our work to resonate with your employees in your language that makes it so successful. Our 3-step assessment provides objective data and removes the risk of subjective data capture.

Our heatmap reporting allows you to understand where to invest your talent development budget at-a-glance, by role, region or function. We never leave you guessing and are with you every step of the way, providing consultancy on how to leverage your data to the best effect to drive real business outcomes that help you achieve your strategy.

Our clients find combining this service with our Kompetently™ solution provides the perfect blend of competency model and technology to efficiently give you the data you want.

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