Human Resources


Likely challenges

  • Unable to operationalize competency model.
  • Unable to objectively measure competence to support restructuring.
  • Struggling to identify existing talent to support altered strategies.
  • Functions losing confidence in HR/L&D seeking external solutions.

Typical drivers

  • Eliciting value from outsourced competency model.
  • Identifying right-fit talent model to realize benefit of restructuring.
  • Driving talent development agenda to mitigate increasing salary costs from going to market.
  • Unable to accurately assess capability gaps.
  • No line of sight to ‘What good looks like’.
  • Market pool of experienced successful talent diminishing and driving higher unsustainable salaries.


How can Kompetently® help?

  • Competency Modelling and Assessment Professional Services, Kompetently®.
  • Kompetently® platform to operationalize competency model.
  • Kompetently® as a gap analysis tool.
  • Kompetently® as a talent development solution providing fast time to productivity.

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In this changing environment, you need to ensure your team has the right skills to deliver results.  To help your team develop the required skills, The Kompetently® platform provides unprecedented insight into the health of your team’s capabilities.

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