Sales Operations & Enablement


Likely challenges

  • Consolidating ‘sales tools’.
  • Understanding current sales function capability post M&A.
  • Non sales-focused HR-led L&D function.
  • Marketing not aligned to sales function.
  • Sales tools not being used eg. CRM
  • Operationalization of sales improvement programs across multiple geographies with limited resource. Global resource planning and coverage modelling.

Typical drivers

  • Understand current state of salesforce competency. Provide benchmark for sales excellence. Drive sales efficiency, drive sales effectiveness, drive sales productivity.
  • Improve resource allocation and planning to deliver improved results. Faster time to proficiency with new offerings, programs, and pricing.


How does Kompetently® help?

  • Out of the box competency models for key roles in sales and sales management with target levels based on best practice.
  • Kompetently® will allow you to edit your competency models to reflect the specifics of your world.
  • Utilise existing sales training to fill identified gaps.
  • Access the Strategy to Revenue learning library to address identified skill deficiencies in your sales force.
  • Access Strategy to Revenue consultants, if required, to help develop a buyer-centric sales organisation.

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In this changing environment, you need to ensure your team has the right skills to deliver results.  To help your team develop the required skills, The Kompetently® platform provides unprecedented insight into the health of your team’s capabilities.

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